Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Posting

This was supposed to be the first entry to this blog I am new to this blog thing but I have been so positively touched by so many others and their blogs that I decided to start one up for myself. It was a hard thing to name my personal blog because just was! But it came like a flash "A life and Art in Progress" sums most of it all for me. My life...a never ending process of learning, messing up, teaching, laughing, crying but most of all LOVING! Art...for me, it's just a continuous work in progress...I learn so much and just as I think I've got my style bogged down...I change everything again (maybe it's the gemini in me).
I am finally in California! I've been here for a little over a year and I love it! It took my husband and I five years to get here and one of our goals has been accomplished. I love heat and I love the water. Yes, it does get chilly here sometimes but I can not complain since there is no comparison to the cold of the east or midwest. You know, I do not even miss the snow...maybe only one day a year: on Christmas.
We have two little monkeys: Matteo Luke and Elisa Leah (and no, we did not plan to have their middle names match the Star Wars characters...even though we are big fans...we just thought they fit their first names really well).
Ok..that's it for now!!!