Friday, January 25, 2008


I was able to do only one layout for this past Christmas so far...mostly because I have been working on classes. Finally breaking in my Hambly goodies. The music paper was bought from Etsy and I just sprayed it with archival spray.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Remembering Xmas 2007

Just wanted to share some pics of the home decor in my place this past Christmas...yes, I know, I am probably the last blogger to post this subject. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE PICTURES BETTER).

Couple of comments on the pics: The "Trust" ornament was a gift from one of my Stampin'Up team members, Heather (thank you!!!), the owl is one of those things that you just see at the store and even though you don't "need" anything new, you just need to have, all the other ornaments are our family favorites, the little clay angels is another piece of artwork from my mom, the little skinny Santa was bought in Italy during a visit.

I did get a few other gorgeous ornaments and gifts from friends and family but I did not get a chance to take pictures of them...guess, I'll post them for Xmas2008.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Happy New Year to All!!!

I have been on vacation...spending time with family, revisiting "SNOW" (and actually enjoying it for a change), putting my scrap room all together and preparing for upcoming classes (yes, not much scrappin' done).

I had been tagged a little while ago by a talented paper crafter VICKI.... and I finally have a moment to sit down and fill in my 7 random things:

1. I am picky about where I lay my body to sleep...picky with mattresses, picky with room temperature, bed sheets and I must sleep on the right side of the bed (I swear it's about the only "princess" thing about me).

2. I have been a good cook for only about 3 years (my hubby will tell you different but then again, he could eat at a fast food place for a week in a row) think growing up with an amazing cook (my mom) that I would have picked up this talent early but I was a VERY VERY lazy person.

3. I am a messy person by nature and organization for me has been a BIG challenge!!!

4. I still love goth music...just when I think that it's out of my system, every time I run into a new song and I love it soooo much...I find out it's goth

5. I am an introverted extrovert: I may seem that I am very social but I am soooo terribly shy (I put up a good front; and my Stampin'Up business has made me step out of my comfort zone...thank you Stampin'Up!)

6. I lost my best friend from high school this, she did not pass away, she just decided that not calling her for 4 months straight meant that I obviously did not care and that no one can be that busy (oh...she is not married and does not have any kids)...this event has been a very sad one for me lately.

7. I got a nose job right after a bad car accident in 1996. off on to tagging other people:

1. My friend Brigitte from Australia
2. A new cool SIS from ScrapinStyletv
3. A girl I am hoping to meet next week...her name is JANE and she lives lucky am I?

I think I was supposted to tag either 1 more person or 4 more people but that is all I can do for now so you can tag yourself if you would like!!!

I wanted to leave you with a new layout I did a little while ago (I have been doing a few scrapbooking projects but I have not had a chance to load them up)