Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So a fellow rubber stampers/scrapbooker found me on the net and taggeg me...her name is Denise and you should check her blog since she makes beautiful work.

She tagged me over a month ago and after our move and my crazy Safari in my !Mac and deciding to get Firefox, I am finally answering the TAG.

Here are the 5 blogs not listed here that I do visit often. They are not all paper craft sites but these ladies still do inspire my creativity.
1. Keisha Campbell (Gotta love this girl's style..she's an AMAZING scrapbook artist)
2. Heather Bailey (Did you know that I want to learn how to sew badly? Heather truly is inspiring...look at all those colors!)
3. Wee Wonderfuls (This girl has the coolest links for other artists as well as being a wonderful one as well)
4. Kristina Werner (Truly inspiring work!!!)
5. Christine (You already know I love the French style...and she is if only I could speak French like my husband)

So there it is...hope I was able to give you guys some new things to look at!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I just love Stampin'Up and as soon as I learned that the new "In Colors" were going to retire and naturally also all the scrapbooking kits with these colors, I decided to use one of these kits to make my hubby his mini album for Fathers' Day. I love these papers and they made it very easy to do a manly album.


My good friend Angie came to visit me yesterday with her family and we had a chance to go to a nice store around here called Cranberry Hill. She got me this cool new tool for my upcoming birthday next week...hey, it seems that the older I get, the more things I need just to keep me from thinking "OLD". I actually just found my very first white hair last week which is definately a sure sign of that word "OLD" least in the physical sense so I need extra pampering from falling in some kind of depression. So this package includes a 13X13 scoring and cutting mats, push pins, cutting tool and scoring tool a scoreline ruler, a Nothabox rule, a ScorAcurve Deckle and Curve Template, a project booklet and an awesome DVD with instructions and mor projects. IT IS SO AWESOME!!! I have not been excited about a new tool in a very long time. Thank you Angie for this gift!!!

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you the name of this cool tool: 1-2-3D Paper Crafting System by EK - Cutter Bee.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We Have Moved

Hello! Yes, I'm still here...alive and well! It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I had been packing for a few weeks and just did the big move this past weekend. Our new place is full of boxes and I am soooo anxious to get everything unpacked and settle. My scrapbook room is going to be a lot smaller now so I need to redo my room completely. We are also still waiting for a lot of the new furniture that we bought. Right now we have a matress and a set of drawers as our bedroom and just 8 chairs with no table for the dining room. Our living room has one loveseat. I am so tired of eating out and can not wait to make a good home made meal. Anyhoo, I just wanted to post a card I recently did before I packed everything's not Stampin'Up and I can not remember the company of these soon as I unload my things I'll update this post. The ribbon is from May Arts and the long card with the envelope is from Stampin'Up.