Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Tutorial

Hello Friends...

Just wanted to let you know I posted my very first tutorial in my Stampin'Up blog for a cool mini album.

Here's a pic:

Just go to www.creativitywithstamps.typepad.com for the tutorial

oh...and leave me a comment if you like the project or the tutorial...the blog is pretty lonely without any comments

Lots of Hugs!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Keep Going, going, going...

Just got over a week long flu and the antibiotics almost killed me this time. Seriously, they made me so weak and finally today I started catching up on house work and actually got to send out my Stampin'Up monthly newsletter so I am starting to feel like I am breathing well again.

Kids schools are keeping me busy as well...they seem to have after school activities once or twice a week now. Once I start them on a sport, I think I may be either driving them a lot start coaching them into biking with me to places.

Since I am a youtube fan, I often have my kids with me and we all watch new videos together...it may be pretty lame for some but since we don't have cable and rarely watch TV, this is a really nice past time for us.

Of course, once we find some cool videos, my kids ask me to play them over and over again which results in us all having crazy songs stuck in our heads. Here's what has been stuck in our heads for two weeks...enough to drive the sanest person MAD!!! So here...get these stuck in your head too!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There have been so many people inspiring me lately!!! One in particular caught my eye so strongly I quickly went out to get a canvas and create something similar myself.

I have been a fan of Heather Nichols for a while now and stalk her blog quite often. As soon as I saw her canvas project, I had to give it a try and came up with this...which oddly enough, my hubby had more to say about it than just "that's nice"...which means he truly liked it. You can see Heather's project HERE