Monday, August 6, 2007


Hello Everyone,

Just got back from my 5 week vacation in Italy a couple of days ago and my husband and I are still recovering from the 9 hour time change.

There is so much to tell and I will break down things a bit in several posts.

I forgot the wire that attaches to my digital camera and hooks up to my computer to transfer and download my pictures so you guys will have to wait a bit for pictures.

During the 5 week break, my hubby and I got a chance to go to France. We rented a little Fiat and just winged it. We had such a nice time. We woke up every morning around 7AM and just started the day early...the hotels had TV inside the rooms and luckily there were videos in the morning to wake us up. Just wanted to include a video of a really neat song that just stuck to my head every day. I don't know the words but hey, it's got a cool beat!

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snappystamper said...

Hey~ like your blog! Unagi was funny... I'm pretty sure this is an Eminem song...