Thursday, October 25, 2007


Remember my post about taking time to fortify my friendships and also the post about getting my new place organized? Well, I'm following through with those and that is the reason I do not blog as much.

I am however, also getting into the spirit of the holidays that will be coming up and I am doing lots of little projects.

For halloween, I decorated this tree with little halloween ornaments made by a few artists. Aren't they cute? This tree is sitting on my dining table and I am getting mixed reviews on it...some people comment on how cute it is and some do not comment at all...well, you know...rather than saying something negative...LOL!!!


Brigitte said...

OMG !!! how cool is this tree for Halloween !!! loooove it !!!
how can no one leave you a comment on this one !!! it is fantastic !!!!

Anonymous said...

Fa un po' pauta ... ma bellissimoooo!!!

Brava Laura!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!

Oh, it's sooooo lovely!!!! I remember it's just a tree waiting for being dressed up when I visited you last month. The tree must be very happy for its outfit. Happy Halloween!!!


Sandra Roman said...

Good job! I don't do much for Halloween. Our family is split between hubby and the girls who celebrate and me, who doesn't. But I'm getting all ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stick to your resolutions. You are doing great.