Monday, November 12, 2007


All I can say is that it's been busy around here (but that is nothing new here)...painting the walls, unpacking more boxes, getting ready for Thanksgiving (will have a lot of family over this year) and Christmas and my hubby's Birthday...not to mention my son's Birthday is Jan. 10th and will need to quickly start getting ready for that too.

I am still following my agenda on getting organized and fortifying my friendships and family relationships. It's a pretty good feeling...and it's keeping me from spending a lot of moolah on some amazing scrapbooking/stamping products out there.

Stampin'Up is having an amazing promotion this month with the paper packs (but 3 and get the 4th one FREE)...been making some home-made goodies for XMas's one of them for my's that cool three clip clipboard...I made into a practical board with a grocery list and weekly menu list. Love that Cherize paper..and so must a lot of people because it had been on backorder until today.

Here's wishing you all lots of good wishes towards your holiday planning!!!


Brigitte said...

Woww !! simply stunning work there !! love this !! :)

HB said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

kushi said...

Grazie per il commento sul mio blog! :)

beba said...

Tutti i tuoi lavori sono deliziosi Laura!!!
E' davvero un piacere poterli ammirare.