Thursday, March 5, 2009


I just had to share this video that I found out about from a friend in Facebook.

I think it's a really good slap in the face that we all need sometimes...including me.


MonkAre said...

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travelingmama said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! How cool that you lived in Alicante! Don't you just LOVE Spain?! We actually live in Morocco (we traveled to Spain to have baby #3.) But we lived in Barcelona for two years and have traveled to Madrid, through most of southern Spain and all the way up to Barcelona. Spain feels like home to us and we would love to live there again. For now, it's our vacation destination every chance we get!!
Anyways! Hope you have a great weekend!

madretz said...

lol! That was funny! I just requested you as friend on FB, so funny, our profile pics are similar! I guess that's what happens when we have common interests. :)
Miss you! Went to Scrap Lovers w/ Kristina and Chris from the shop misses you, too! She totally remembers you and was sad when I told her you moved.

Beedubya said...

I laughed so hard when i saw this on youtube last week. So...totally...true. Someone posted it on a thread at Splitcoast. There's quite a few who SHOULD have watched it but probably didn't! LOL!