Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hello Everyone...did you miss me?

I finally got internet/cable/home phone installed yesterday after almost two weeks without any of those services. I could have cared less for cable/home phone but it did feel more like a month of being without internet. I was having major withdrawals...however, it was a blessing in disguise as I have managed to unpack and clean a lot since we moved to our new house in a town called Wayland (25 min. West of Boston). We got all our boxes and things and it is taking a lot of time and work to get our new place organized.

Spring has come here and it seems kind of short since we already reached 90 degrees here last weekend. Our yard is blooming!!! I took pictures of all the blooming flowers out there because it was so pretty.

I am getting ready to start my own garden now and my kids and I have planted herbs and tomatoes, peas and lettuce. Of course, the seedling are all in the house now but I plan to plant them all outside in a couple of weeks...this too is some work.

My stamping/scrapbooking room is still all in boxes and my hubby decided to use the legs of my desk for another desk which means I will need to get a brand new desk.

Here are the pics of the flowers in my yard...if you want to see crafty pictures today you will need to head over my Stampin'Up blog

I am so inspired to already create a mini album with all these pics!!!


BA said...

I missed you Laura!!!!
carissima laura, sono contenta che finalmente vi siate trasferita nella casa nuova, devo dire che le foto del giardino sono bellissime, tanti tipi di fiori e piante diverse, bellissimo, sono veramente contenta per te
a presto su skye
baci xxxooo BA

Natália Rosin said...

Oh my... your garden is just like a dream... it's too beautiful!
Have a nice weekend, dear!
and yeah, i missed you! =)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, what a beautiful garden! Next let's see the house. Looks like you found a wonderful place to call home. Love, Sandra

madretz said...

Congrats on your home! And your spring flowers and trees are so beautiful. Email me your address, k? :)