Friday, June 6, 2008

Me - The Dumb People why do I call myself the "Dumb people"...well, here's the condensed story.

About a year and 1/2 ago I decided to stop watching the news and reading the newspaper. I was tired of getting up in the morning and starting my day with all the "bad" things that people were doing around the world, get back home, turn the tv again and even more bad things people did from the time I left in the morning till the time I got home in the afternoon...I mean, all that crap just put me in such a bad and negative mood.

So, I decided to stop it all and just get the important facts from family and friends (just the important ones) once in a while...I did not know what to call myself but after watching this old Goldie Hawn clip, I decided to call myself the "dumb people" since I obviously don't even get informed anymore by the smart people in the media and newspapers. I can truly say that I feel more at peace now and love to see the bottle half full rather than half empty.

Having lived in many countries and seen/heard all these smart people delivering information to us all, I can tell you that one event is almost always conveyed to us all in different ways by different people, in different institutions and different countries. Even after taking a couple of statistics classes in college, I remember learning that the "official" studies done by medical and food organizations and other types of companies are almost total flukes since they do not reveal all the gathering data from the people or tests to come up with their results. I mean, when I was pregnant, I read that a study found that eating fish was dangerous during pregnancy and just the other week, a friend told me that a new study has found that eating fish is actually good for you and your baby. This is just one example of the many studies redone and coming up with different results than before.

How many times, do people decide to get a second or third opinion from different doctors? How many times, did we find ourselves that each opinion was different? Think about that...

Now, here's the light bulb that just made me realize how me the "dumb people" is letting the "smart People" screw up this world...I must take action, even if it's in a small part.

I am sure my opinion and way of life probably does not apply to all or any of my blog readers and I am sure a lot of readers would disagree with me but that is my opinion and I love that I can write it down and share it here in my blog.

Enjoy this funny and "dumb" video!!!

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Helen said...

It's all really enough to make your head spin, isn't it? I love this post Laura, adorable video!